Agricultural Commissioner / Weights & Measures

Enforces state laws designed to prevent the introduction and spread of injurious insects, rodents, birds, predatory animals, weeds and plant disease as well as regulating the use of pesticides by private and professional applicators. The Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures also inspects all scales and meters used in trade throughout Los Angeles County for accuracy, inspects packages at the wholesale and retail level for accurate labeling and advertised price accuracy and investigates complaints. The Department operates a number of laboratories and provides solutions for urban wildlife and weed management.

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Cash Registers Inspected
Scales Tested
Parcels Visited
Insect Trap Inspections

"We processed nearly 5,000 insects through our Entomology Laboratory and conducted 35,000 fumigations in homes, businesses, and schools."

Kurt Floren

Agricultural Commissioner/Director of Weights & Measures

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