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VIP Internships for our VIPs

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Program Overview

The Veterans’ Internship Program provides paid internships for qualified veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. The internships afford veterans with on‑the‑job training and work experience that will enable them to effectively compete for permanent County positions. Depending on the job, veterans can be hired for a 12 to 24 month on‑the‑job training program in the specialties below. You can click on a specialty to see a detailed description of the position requirement, duties and application requirements.

Who Qualifies?

No experience is required to participate in this program.

Eligible VIP applicants include veterans who have been discharged or released from the Armed Forces of the United States under honorable conditions. Discharged veterans must possess a valid DD214 Certificate of Discharge or Separation from Active Duty or other official documents issued by the branch of service.

For further information, please contact us:


Veterans Internship Benefits

Veterans who participate in the internship program will receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary during the internship
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Technical job training and guidance on workplace behavior, competencies, individual responsibilities, and development of occupational skill sets.

Upon successful completion of their internship, veterans will be eligible to compete for permanent County positions.

How to Apply

To apply to the Veterans Internship Program, create a profile on Los Angeles County online job application system by clicking the link below.  You can search for open positions available through the program and submit an application for those you are interested in.

Veterans Internship Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

In recent years, a disproportionate unemployment rate has occurred among returning veterans. Similarly, County requirements, such as on-the-job experience, prevented veterans from qualifying for County employment. As a result, the Veterans’ Internship Program (VIP) was launched.

Yes; however, you will need to submit a separate application for each Veteran Internship position or specialty you are applying for.

The VIP is a full-time temporary position which pays a competitive monthly salary and provides medical and dental benefits for the Veteran Intern and his or her immediate family. Other VIP benefits include, but are not limited to, paid vacation, paid holidays, sick leave, and bereavement leave.

Yes; you will be required to undergo a background check prior to your appointment.

Yes; you will be required to undergo a general physical examination prior to your appointment.

Reservists or National Guardsmen who have been discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States under honorable conditions are eligible for the VIP.

Veterans’ preference credit of 10 points will be added to the final passing grade in any open competitive examination if you are an honorably discharged veteran who served in the Armed Forces of the United States:

  • During a declared war; or
  • During the period April 28, 1952 through July 1, 1955; or
  • For more than 180 consecutive days, other than for training, any part of which occurred after January 31, 1955, and before October 15, 1976; or
  • In a campaign or expedition for which a campaign medal or expeditionary medal has been authorized and awarded.

NOTE: Veterans of recent military campaigns, War in Iraq, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and the War on Terrorism are also awarded veterans’ preference points.

This also applies to the spouse of such person who, while engaged in such service was wounded, disabled, or crippled and thereby permanently prevented from engaging in any remunerative occupation, and also to the widow or widower of any such person who died or was killed while in such service. A DD214, Certificate of Discharge or Separation from Active Duty, or other official documents issued by the branch of service are required as verification of eligibility for Veterans preference. If you are unable to provide any documentation at the time of filing, the 10 points will be withheld until such time it is provided.

To request your DD214 online, please visit:

You can also mail or fax your signed and dated request to the National Personnel Record Center (NPRC) by using the contact information below:

NPRC Mailing Address:
National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
(314) 801-0800

NPRC Fax Number:   (314) 801-9195

Yes; Los Angeles County has employment opportunities located throughout the 88 cities within its boundaries. On your employment application, you can select several specific areas where you are willing to accept employment, or you can indicate that you are willing to work in any area.

What Our Interns Say

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