General Contact Information

The Department of Human Resources provides our County of Los Angeles employees and the public with a variety of services. Please select the appropriate telephone number based on your area of inquiry.

County Job Information Hotline | (800) 970-5478

Job Information / Employment Services | (213) 738-2084, TTY: (800) 899-4099
Makes available public information about job openings within the County and in other public and private agencies which provide job announcements.

Examinations | (213) 738-2084
Provides job candidates who have already submitted their applications with information on placement examinations and scoring information.

Volunteer Programs | (213) 974-2760
Provides County employees and residents with meaningful and personal ways to give back. Offers a large variety of volunteer opportunities throughout all County departments and across public service fields. Allows individuals to serve their community through activities such as working with youth groups, hospital staff, LA Courts, public safety, and information technology.

Career Development Programs | (213) 893-7810
Provides LA County residents with career development opportunities through programs such as the Veterans’ Internship, Academic Internship, TempLA Registry, Career Development Internship, Youth
Bridges Program, and Student Worker Program.

Training and Professional Development | (213) 738-2299
Information on training and leadership professional development opportunities through outlets such as the Los Angeles County University framework, the Administrative Internship Program and
Management Fellows Programs, and the DHR Signature DIAlogue Speakers series.

Employment Verification Checks

Each County Department handles their own employment verification. You can contact the respective department directly, through the link below. If you have an Employee Pay Statement, look for “Home Department” or “Pay Location” on the top of the statement, and find the code that corresponds.

Note: If you do not know which department the employee works for and you do not have a pay stub, please contact the employee for clarification; there is not a centralized line that handles all County employees.

Need Help?

For Our Employees

Employee Benefits | (213) 388-9982
Connects current Los Angeles County employees with information regarding their employee benefits and provides a conduit to change benefits due to life events.

Retirement Information
The Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) administers and manages the retirement fund for the county of Los Angeles and its employees. All information on retirement benefits for both current and former County employees should be directed to LACERA’s offices.

LACERA Call Center
Toll-Free: 800-786-6464
Local Call: 626-564-6132
Hours: 7 AM - 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Member Service Center
Hours: 7 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday; closed for lunch 12 - 1 PM

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