“I am pleased to present the 2022-2023 18-Month Review highlighting Department of Human Resources (DHR) work to attract, develop and retain exceptional and diverse talent for our amazing organization.”

Lisa M. Garrett
Director of Personnel

2022-23 HR Report

This report highlights some of our more significant accomplishments during calendar year 2022 through mid-2023 and outlines our plans for moving HR forward through strategic initiatives and meaningful new focus areas.

During this pivotal time, DHR continued to deliver innovative, collaborative, and service-oriented human resources solutions while responding to the County's public health emergency. DHR played a significant role in ushering major change for the County’s workforce through telework, hybrid work schedules, and expanded resources to meet employees’ health and well-being needs.

We invite you to share in this showcase of the “power of people all in” for public service – we hope you enjoy!

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