DHR REPORT 2017 2018

2017-2018 DHR REPORT 3 Over the years, DHR has moved from transactional to strategic; from mostly manual processes to the implementation of over 11 Countywide enterprise information technology systems; and from inward facing to impacting those outside of our four walls who have historically experienced barriers to employment and family self-sufficiency. With the support of our Board of Supervisors and Chief Executive Officer, DHR has enhanced and expanded its recruitment and selection processes, reducing our exam cycle time by 30% and standing up our executive talent search unit. We have poured our resources into developing our workforce at every level, with several stellar programs offered though our established Los Angeles County University. We have enhanced retention programs available to our employees, focusing on their benefits and their physical and financial wellness. Further, we have taken bold moves to ensure a diverse, inclusive and accepting workplace. Yet, we have only just begun. As the corporate and public service worlds around us continue to evolve, so must HR. Hence, our response is to engage in continuous process improvement to constantly enhance our services, not only adhering to best practices, but creating and leading best practices. Our quest is to transform our hiring processes to rival other best places to work, to create pipelines for new talent from trade schools, community colleges, local and national universities, and to erect bridges to employment for disadvantaged, deserving and diverse populations. We recognize that all of us are more powerful than any one of us. Together, we all win. We look forward to working with our County partners, our private partners, philanthropy, our communities, and all who believe in the greatness of public service and its ability to transform lives and outcomes of individuals and families. A Message from Our Director Lisa M. Garrett, Director of Personnel I am pleased to present this HR Report highlighting the evolution of the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in the County of Los Angeles and its chartered path forward to attract, develop and retain exceptional and diverse talent for our amazing organization.