DHR REPORT 2017 2018

LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 24 Goal 6 | Human Resources Excellence Typing Test Improvements DHR has implemented “drop-in” typing test administrations and introduced banking typing test scores for life regardless of whether the candidate has applied to a specific exam. This resulted in a 50% decrease in the “no-show” rate as well as a reduction in candidate wait time to take the typing test. DHR also replaced outdated typing test material previously administered via floppy disks to implementing a standardized, objective cloud-hosted typing assessment. Digital Video Interviewing Technology DHR received a generous grant from the Quality and Productivity Commission to launch digital video interviewing in the County. DHR successfully piloted the use of this technology and is making this available to departments for both exam and hiring interviews. Initial results from the pilots indicate an increased retention rate (reduced no-shows) and improved candidate and rater experiences. Countywide Talent Assessment Division Application Totals Countywide Talent Acquisition Division Exam Cycle Time by Calendar Year New technologies and processes streamline the County’s testing and hiring process and improve the experience for both candidates and Departments. 2015 2016 2017 115 days 81 days 69 days FY11/12 FY12/13 FY13/14 FY14/15 FY16/17 FY17/18 32,300 55,539 65,705 48,308 75,353 51,527