DHR REPORT 2017 2018

2017-2018 DHR REPORT 19 Goal 5 | Workplace of the Future eCOMMERCE - ONLINE DONATIONS This year, the County of Los Angeles celebrates a 40-year legacy of giving through its Charitable Giving Campaign (CGC). For the last four decades, County employees have opened their hearts and wallets, and committed time and resources to benefit local charitable organizations. Through CGC, County employees are also provided with the opportunity to donate, through voluntary payroll deductions or one-time gifts, to Board approved fund- distributionagenciesordirect-serviceorganizationsthat benefit the Los Angeles County area. In fact, in 2017 County employees surpassed our $1 million charitable giving goal by 10%, raising $1,065,660. Tosupportfuturegivingefforts,DHRdeveloped a new Charitable Giving webpage, which allows employees make all CGC contributions on one easy to use platform. The new eCommerce site, launched in 2018, fixes challenges in the County’s current charitable giving system, which currently requires employees or their departmentalcoordinatorstophysicallycollect and deliver donated funds. It also provides the ability for Charitable Giving Coordinators to use point of sale (POS) devices at special events Countywide, which allows for greater convenience for donors and streamlines the delivery and processing of all donated funds. We are confident that the eCommerce site will help County employees to exceed the 2018 fundraising goal of $1,200,000, and give back to the community as never before.   „ There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you can make a difference in the community where you live. DHR is a great place to work. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and development. Each division I have worked for has empowered me with different sets of skills that help me enjoy my current assignment and provide the best service as a civil servant. Kelly Ty Human Resources Analyst II