DHR REPORT 2017 2018

LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 20 Goal 5 | Workplace of the Future EXPANSION OF THE WELLNESS PROGRAM Over the past two decades, the County employee population has experienced disturbing trends in obesity and diabetes. Today, over 76% of employees and their families are overweight or obese, 7.7% have been diagnosed with diabetes, and 12.7% have been diagnosed with hypertension. These have led to increased health care costs in our County health plans. In collaboration with several departments, DHR expanded its wellness programs to combat these staggering statistics. Through a series of integrated programs, we have successfully improved employee health and connected employees to healthy-lifestyle opportunities. Financial Wellness In 2017, DHR expanded the Wellness Program to include robust financial wellness online webinars through its Better Futures Faster (BFF) campaign. These online classes are offered during the noon-time lunch hour and contain information on financial literacy, managing debt, saving for major life events, and planning for retirement. The BFF campaign also partners with Cigna and MetLife, the County’s insurance carriers, to provide employees with estate planning, wills, and trust through a free one-hour class. 700+ ATTENDEES AT FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE SYMPOSIUM ON-SITE FLU VACCINATIONS ATTENDEES AT ADA/FEHA TRAININGS RETURN-TO- WORK SUCCESS STORIES HEALTH & WELLNESS 2017 600+ 2,679 597 Countywide Fitness Challenge We consider the wellbeing of our employees as a top priority. The Countywide Fitness Challenge, managed by DHR’s Workplace & Community Programs division, helps keep County employees and their families healthy by offering eight free weekend activities design to get participants outside, active, and having fun. With activities ranging from hiking, to paddle boarding, to yoga, to softball, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! These annual events are highly popular with County employees and participation continues grow. In 2017 over 8,000 County employees and their family members participated in the Countywide Fitness Challenge events. With an increase of over 1,000 participants at this year’s Countywide Fitness Challenge events, we anticipate further expansion of this great program in 2019!