DHR REPORT 2017 2018

LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 10 STRATEGIC GOAL 2 Be a national leader in workforce diversity, inclusion, and acceptance The second goal of our Strategic Plan is monumental. Indeed, striving to be a national leader in workforce diversity, inclusion, and acceptance is no small feat. However, as the center of HR excellence for the largest local government in the United States, DHR is obligated to lead the way in this area that fundamentally impacts the quality of working conditions - and the human condition itself. We are moving forward with the hard work of ensuring that our workforce not only represents individual uniqueness in all of its forms, but also respects that uniqueness and makes each individual feel accepted for who they are and how they define themselves. SIGNATURE DIALOGUE SERIES In 2017, DHR launched our Countywide Signature DIAlogue Series through the Los Angeles County University. Aimed at advancing diversity, inclusion, and acceptance, the series is an ongoing forum that engages County employees in the exploration of societal topics that impact the workplace and the public we serve. Utilizing media, speakers, storytellers, panelists, excursions, and more to educate and inform, the series is part of DHR’s commitment to create and maintain a workplace where all employees are embraced. The inaugural DIAlogue Series event was a screening and discussion of the documentary film Political Animals. The film features Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl as one of four courageous politicians who championed LGBTQ rights in the mid- 1990s to early 2000s. The 200+ attendees at this memorable event gained insight into the work that these women spearheaded to create a more equitable society. The second DIAlogue Series event drew a full house with a screening of the award-winning documentary Skid Row Marathon, which delved into topics such as homelessness, substance abuse, and recidivism. After the film, a Q&A panel with members of the Skid Row Running Club and Judge Craig J. Mitchell, the man who started it all, brought the subject to life and showed the audience the power of one person to impact and change the lives of dozens of others simply through caring and giving back. Diversity & Inclusion