DHR REPORT 2017 2018

LOS ANGELES COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES 12 STRATEGIC GOAL 3 Foster workforce development at every level The ELDP is an excellent choice for leaders who believe they have more to learn, want to improve in their service as a leader, and be prepared for the future. Our third goal reflects our belief that all employees deserve the opportunity to be passionate and purposeful about their work and careers. As we foster workforce development at every level, we are committed to increasing employees’ capacity through high-quality, multi-disciplinary training, career development, and succession planning. We have embarked upon uncharted territory in advancing the County’s learning and development programs, with the expectation that these efforts will equip employees with the necessary tools to positively impact their own teams, department, and County. LOS ANGELES COUNTY UNIVERSITY - LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE One of DHR’s key strategic initiatives is to ‘Foster Workforce Development at Every Level.’ As such, we are committed to providing opportunities for personal and professional development through every step of an employee’s career. This is achieved through high quality,multi-disciplinarytraining,careerdevelopment, and succession planning, offered through the Los Angeles County University (LACU). In particular, DHR has developed the LACU Leadership Development Institute, a new workforce development learning framework that provides career and leadership development curriculums for employees at every level of their careers – from experienced managers to those just beginning their leadership journeys. Executive Leadership Development Program One of DHR’s most sought-after leadership development opportunities is our award-winning Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP). This exciting County program, developed in partnership with USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, is designed to enhance the leadership competencies of mid- to senior-level managers who aspire to executive leadership positions. ELDP helps move County leaders to the next level through training on key management and leadership competencies, providing 360-degree leadership assessments, and creating Workforce Development Former ELDP participant