DHR REPORT 2017 2018

2017-2018 DHR REPORT 13 99 SUCCESSFUL NSDP GRADUATES 95% FEEL BETTER EQUIPPED TO SUCCEED AS SUPERVISORS 91% RATED THE PROGRAM AS EXCELLENT 95% RECOMMEND THE PROGRAM TO OTHERS leaders to the next level through training on key management and leadership competencies, providing 360-degree leadership assessments, and creating individual development plans and coaching. The impact of these targeted leadership trainings speak for themselves – over 20.5% of ELDP participants have received promotions after graduating from the program! To date, 23 Cohorts, totaling 431 County leaders, have successfully completed the ELDP program. New Supervisor Development Program Our newest leadership development course, the New Supervisor Development Program (NDSP), is an instructor-led, five-week program (one class day per week) designed for County employees serving in their first year of a supervisory role. A blend of classroom training, applied exercises, curated eLearning courses, and video coaching, the program covers a range of crucial topics and provides participants with key insights, evidence-based practices, and applied tools needed to succeed as a supervisor. Through the guidance of experienced County supervisors and peer mentors, participants receive the knowledge and resources to help them successfully navigate the County in a leadership role. 2018 saw the graduation of the third NSDP cohort, bringing our total successful participants to ninety- nine. Management Development Program The Management Development Program (MDP) is designed to enhance the leadership and management competencies of first level managers and high level supervisors, encourage and support their ongoing development, and help prepare them for higher level positions. DHR has partnered with executives and subject matter experts across the County to develop and deliver this highly acclaimed program, resulting in a valuable curriculum that broadens personal networks, and support ongoing learning and career development. Since the program began just a few years ago, six cohorts consisting of 155 supervisors have completed the MDP program. Due to the popularity of the program, DHR launched four more cohorts starting in June 2018; Cohorts 7, 8, 9 & 10 will be graduating the MDP program in December 2018. Management Development Program DEMAND Skyrockets 2016 1 cohort 4 cohorts 2017 Goal 3 | Workforce Development