DHR REPORT 2017 2018

2017-2018 DHR REPORT 25 Goal 6 | Human Resources Excellence Filipino, (N=22), 3% Black, (N=98), 15% Hispanic, (N=150), 23% White, (N=303), 46% Asian/Pacific Islander, (N=79), 12% Female, (N=302), 46% Male, (N=350), 54% 0% 50% 100% WORKFORCE ANALYTICS DHR monitors and maintains Countywide workforce analytics, including retirement projections, to provide data to help inform and guide workforce planning and decision-making. Through the ongoing monitoring of these data points, DHR is able to provide high-level interpretations of workforce diversity trends in the 64% MANAGERS PREPARED TO ADVANCE 652 OVERALL County overall, and provide insight into succession planning needs across leadership levels. In May 2018, DHR used that data to present the Board with a 10- year longitudinal study, focusing on workplace diversity overall and the race/ethnicity and gender representation of County leadership. Dispute Resolution Program Process Department contacts DHR Dispute Resolution Mediation (DRM) Section for consultation. Fact-gathering session is held between management and the professional facilitator. After completion of the session, the facilitator assesses the matter and drafts a plan of action. The facilitator meets with the parties, presents a plan of action, and established parameters for implementation. Follow-up consultations between the parties and facilitator are available as well as compliance review by DRM section. 1 2 3 4 5 DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROGRAM DHR recognizes that conflict should be managed by creating an organization and culture designed to minimize disputes by promptly and equitably addressing concerns as they emerge. In February 2018, DHR unveiled a new Dispute Resolution Program to assist County managers in effectively resolving common workplace disputes. Currently offering three services – dispute resolution, training, and facilitation of group discussions or meeting – this program aims to mitigate issues such as miscommunication between supervisors and line staff; escalation of workplace tensions; breakdown in unit dynamics, and misunderstandings involving members of the public. This new program provides County departments with access to professional and neutral facilitators equipped to advise parties on how to manage existing and emerging workplace conflicts in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Since the new Dispute Resolution Program’s launch this spring, five County departments have already requested to utilize these services. MAPP Managers Deemed Ready to Advance