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Charitable Giving Campaign (CGC)

The Charitable Giving Campaign in partnership with the Auditor-Controller and seven non-profit fund distribution agencies provides employees with a voluntary payroll deduction charitable giving option as well as a wide variety of other donation opportunities. Contact your department’s CGC Coordinator for more information.

Learn about each fund distribution agency and how your contribution can help support their different efforts.



County employees can donate to the Charitable Giving Campaign in the following ways:

Payroll Deductions
Giving on a regular basis is easy with Payroll Deductions. Employees can sign up to donate a dollar amount of their choice ($5 per month minimum) to any fund distribution agency (FDA), and each payday, that amount will be automatically deducted from the employee’s check and donated directly to the FDA of their choice. Signing up is easy, and cancellations/changes can be made at any time. For the 2013 CGC Campaign, the FDA’s will offer monthly incentives to employees with new or existing payroll deductions. To sign up for payroll deductions, simply complete the payroll deduction form and turn it in to your Charitable Giving Coordinator or the Office of Workplace Programs.

One-Time Donations
Employees can make a one-time cash or check donation for any amount by contacting their Charitable Giving Campaign Coordinator. If an employee cannot contact of their coordinator, he/she should complete a one-time donation form and send the donation amount in the form of a check/money order to the Office of Workplace Programs.  

Purchase Employee Discount Items
Employees can also help support the Charitable Giving Campaign by purchasing theme park tickets, sporting event tickets and other Charitable Giving Campaign Employee Discount items. A portion of each of these purchases benefits the Charitable Giving Campaign.

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