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Charitable Giving Campaign

United Way

United Way
Vernon Webb
Address: 1150 South Olive Street, Suite T500, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: (213) 808-6259
Tax ID 95-2274801

United Way of Greater Los Angeles “Creates Pathways out of Poverty” by helping homeless people into housing, supporting kids to succeed in school, and helping families become financially stable.

What your donation supports.

  • $2.50 Helps get the word out about free tax preparations so struggling families can reclaim some of their hard-earned money.
  • $3.50 Helps train a parent on how school works so they can give their child the support they need to graduate.
             Gives a chronically homeless person 1 week of vital healthcare treatment in permanent supportive housing.
  • $7 Teaches 10 low-income adults how to manage their money and save for the future.
  • $14 Provides leadership training for youth, parents, and residents so they can help reform their local schools.
           Helps a homeless family move off the streets by providing the first month’s rent on a new apartment.
  • $17.50 Helps a low-income adult learn important job skills.
  • $23 Helps a student stay in school by giving them 1 year of academic tutoring in after-school programs.

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