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Earth Share California

EarthShare California
Maya Giña Pirela
Address: PO Box 18404, Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phone: (213) 784-0893
Tax ID 94-2840364

EarthShare California protects, supports and improves California’s natural heritage of clean air, safe water, diverse wildlife and healthy communities and families by raising funds for leading environmental organizations. EarthShare is a federation of more than 80 environmental organizations working to improve all aspects of the environment. One environment....One Simple Way to Care for It.

What your donation supports.

  • $1 per pay period will pay for 200 fact sheets to home owners, teachers, and educators to instruct on fire-resistant planting in hillside communities to reduce economic losses as a result of wildfires. (CNPS)
    $5 per pay period pays for transporting 45 under-privileged, inner-city school children to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day- a day of ocean education and hands on learning about pollution prevention.  (HtB)
  • $7 per pay period will refurbish six Zoo Discovery Kits for teachers to use when they are on school field trips. (GLAZA)
  • $10 per pay period will pay for a month of operating a forest visitor information and education center. (SGWA)
  • $20 per pay period can make sure that Friends of the River can send an expert to Washington D.C. to testify for smart reforms to federal river policies affecting California. (FotR)
  • $50 per pay period will permanently protect 0.5 acres of desert tortoise critical habitat. (DTPC)

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