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    The County of Los Angeles has replaced its old job application system with a new system...

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    The highly-anticipated Career Pathfinder is here! Elevated career exploration begins today!

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  • Adoption Awareness Month

    On November 27, 2018, the Board recognized November as National Adoption Awareness Month. To become a foster or adoptive parent call 888-811-1121.


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Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services

Provides comprehensive human services in partnership with community leaders, business and private agencies. Assists residents to self-sufficiency, strengthens and promotes the independence of older persons, provides employment and training, protects elderly and dependent adult victims of abuse and neglect, supports and strengthens communities impacted by hate violence, fosters positive intergroup relations to promote an informed inclusive society, and provides a neutral and impartial forum for the resolution of issues and problems involving the Sheriff's Department.

Dispute Resolution Cases Resolved

Meals Served

Homebound People Served

In Adult Protective Services

PHONE   213.637.0798