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Applicants and employees seeking promotional opportunities must meet the medical standards for a County position by taking a pre-placement medical examination. To meet this standard, OHP provides medical evaluation services through multiple, contracted medical clinic sites throughout the County for both applicants and County employees while maintaining their confidential medical records.

OHP also provide periodic medical monitoring for County employees, under Cal/OSHA or California Department of Motor Vehicles requirements, or as part of an established wellness program. OHP medical staff review the evaluations and liaisons work with County departments to provide medical clearance. OHP responds to County Civil Service appeals if an evaluation is challenged.

OHP also revises and develops new medical guidelines according to Federal and State laws, including Cal/OSHA, the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, and the State’s Fair Employment and Housing Act. The need to establish medical guidelines occurs when new positions are created or existing positions change in their physical, psychological or emotional demands, or when medical knowledge advances.

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